Updating squeezebox firmware

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I have an Audiophilleo1 and when the music hits very high levels (the topmost sound bar in the display), I hear clicks. This can happen if polarity is set to "-" by pushing left on the joystick while in the main screen.The computer's binary represenation of audio data is called two's complement.Technically, up to about 4 of these extension cables can be chained together in order to create overall reach of about 25 meters (75 feet), but cable resistance and power loss could become a problem.So, for runs over 10m it's better to use an active USB hub on the cable segment connected to the Audiophilleo.The largest negative number is one larger than the largest positive number, so it is not mathematically possible to change the sign of the number. It is recommended to change polarity to " " for music that reaches maximum negative level.The Audiophilleo2 doesn't have this problem because it always uses positive polarity.Also, computer power management BIOS or utilities can cause the computer to hang briefly, thereby preventing the USB audio stream from being sent to the Audiophilleo as expected.This can be solved by disabling all power optimization options in your BIOS or utilities that actively manage power settings.

Can the Audiophilleo1 and Audiophilleo2 send DTS or DD to a surround receiver? Under Windows this requires our custom driver because the default windows driver does not support surround sound formats.Yes, customers have reported that burn-in of up to 200 hours can change the sound.We recommend streaming audio through the device for several days to reach peak performance. Yes, USB cables can help attenuate USB power noise.In addition, the NAIM DAC-V1 is based on the Audiophilleo1 and the NAIM support page contains many useful documents on configuring various media player software. We're here to make sure you're really happy with your Audiophilleo!They can be found in the Manuals and Downloads section. ATTN: Philip Gruebele Audiophilleo 1021 N Garfield St Suite 942 Arlington, Virginia 22201, USA Phone/text: (703) 674-8165 (first dial 001 if calling from outside the USA) Please be sure to contact support@for a return authorization number before returning any products.

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